The project was initiated on 1 January 2013 funded for set-up over three years.
Since this time, the network has developed with regular meetings and discussions amongst participants. Aspects that have been or are being developed include:

  1. An ICT platform that enables web-based meetings to be utilised for the discussion of complex cases which aids surgical decision-making.
  2. In collaboration with the Canadian Appropriateness of Epilepsy Surgery study (C.A.S.E.s), an e-Eligibility tool for primary care doctors to determine whether a patient should be referred, with an international list of epilepsy surgery centres provided for doctors to find the closest and most suitable for referral. A paediatric tool for children aged under five years old, is also in development.
  3. Systematic reviews with the aim of developing definitive guidelines with regard to the pre-surgical evaluation.
  4. Online tools to aid pre-surgical evaluation including e-Neuropsychology and post processing of MRIs.
  5. An electronic clinical research form suitable for anonymised documentation and the recording of patient information.
  6. fellowship exchange programme to aid further training.
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