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  1. Dear Nicola
    I am a neuropediatrician working in the pediatric service of the Universitary Hospital of Salamanca.
    I had the chance of attending the international meeting of epilepsy coordinated between H Niño Jesus, Madrid and your Department, in three times; I expect to go again this year. M Angeles and Marta are two professionals I know because I spent with them short time a few years ago.
    I would like to ask you permission to use part of any of the videos about neonatal crisis related to KCNQ2 epilepsy ( webinar EPICARE oct/ 8 / 2020) because I have to give a speak in another local webinar and I have chosen different kind of neonatal crisis and I only have a típical patient with KCNQ3 Benign familiar neonatal epilepsy .
    In fact, It is an excuse to talk about the new statement of the ILAE about neonatal epilepsy.
    Thank you very much for your attention, and I expect to see you soon in Madrid. It is a great pleasure to attend your lectures.
    Yours sincerely

    Hilario Gómez
    Hospital universitario de Salamanca

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