Workpackage 3 – Neuroimaging


Actions undertaken to promote harmonisation of best practices in neuroimaging evaluation of rare and complex epilepsies that will provide state-of-the-art procedures in the field. Creating a database of neuroimaging findings in the specific rare and complex epilepsies with further research implications.


  • Creation of an expert group from participating centres for re-reviewing of neuroimaging findings. Reviewing of neuroimaging data on individual basis for precision diagnosis of rare and complex epilepsies. Participation of an expert group in research projects
  • Exchange best practice and promote harmonisation of care in the neuroimaging of rare and complex epilepsies (guidelines and standards). Imaging standards for rare and complex epilepsies translated into a care pathway.
  • An evolving web-based platform offering a comprehensive set of information and tutorials. Improve skills of EU professionals involved in the management of rare and complex epilepsies (education and training).
  • Creation of a database of anonymized neuroimaging findings of specific rare and complex epilepsies. Use of neuroimaging data in research projects with wide European collaboration.
  • A central web based post-processing facility for surgical evaluation (Morphometric Analysis Programme or similar, control databases etc., as extended from E-pilepsy)



  • M 7 Ability for online review of images at end of year 3


Pr. Petr Marusic MD, PhD

Motol University Hospital

Prague, Czech Republic

Pr. Petr Marusic MD, PhD

Pr. Kees P.J. Braun, MD PhD

University Medical Center Utrecht, Brain Centre Rudolf Magnus

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Pr. Kees P.J. Braun, MD PhD