Workpackage 4 – Clinical Neurophysiology


Clinical Neurophysiology provides valuable information for diagnosing the epilepsies, with specific patterns identified in many diseases requiring expert interpretation. Thus, integration of recent advances into EpiCARE is essential. However experience and expertise is required to recognise the advantage of accurate recording and interpretation; geographical variation requires specifically to be addressed here. SCORE is a computer-based system for EEG assessment and reporting, which reduces the inter-observer agreement in EEG interpretation and is based on a consensus proposal by a group of European experts endorsed by the International League Against Epilepsy – Commission on European Affairs (ILAE-CEA) and the European Chapter of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (EC-IFCN). During the development process, SCORE was tested and adjusted by applying it to real, clinical data.


  • Development of a web-based platform for secure exchange and storage of neurophysiological data, integrated with the databases of other work-packages
  • Integration of SCORE into EpiCARE
  • Development of a web-based forum for second opinion and telemedicine
  • Integration of data from mobile healthcare devices
  • Digital seizure diaries


  • D 4.1 Report on EEG assessments available
  • D 4.3 SOP for use of SCORE within EpiCARE at month 36
  • D 4.4 Number of cases discussed on neurophysiological data
  • D 4.5 Report on mobile seizure detection devices and digital seizure diaries for use in EpiCARE


  • M 8 Web based platform functional at end of month 24


Tiziana Granata

Dr. Tiziana Granata

Pr. Sándor Beniczky, MD

Danish Epilepsy Center
Denmark/SCORE consortium


Pr. Sándor Beniczky, MD