Workpackage 6 – Neuropathology


E-neuropathology will be a further development of the EU-FP6/FP7 funded European Epilepsy Brain Bank (EEBB, collection of 9500 epilepsy surgery patients from 35 centers in 12 European countries;). EEBB is a virtual database (using the web-based SecuTrial platform) collecting a minimal data set for each (double-encoded) patient (e.g. age at epilepsy surgery, age at seizure onset, sex, location of the epileptic lesion, year of surgery, 12 month postsurgical outcome). E-neuropathology will offer the large experience in standardized neuropathological examination protocols (i.e. ILAE guidelines and classification systems), tissue preservation and banking to all partner of EpiCARE. Tissue specimens will remain the courtesy of submitting centers, although the opportunity to receive resective specimens is given by E-neuropathology. Guidelines for tissue fixation and storage (long-term preservation) as well as snap frozen tissue acquisition will be standardized and distributed to all participants.


  • To promote a European Data Base, Tissue Bank and Reference Pathology Service for the histological and molecular-genetic analysis of human surgical specimens, which will be accessible to all EpiCARE partners.
  • To establish evidence-based international guidelines for histopathologic diagnosis of epilepsy surgery specimens and to create high quality tissue biospecimens for clinically-applicable molecular analysis.
  • E neuropathology serves as reference centre to histopathologically validate the diagnoses in all patients enrolled into the EpiCARE network.


  • D 6.1 Neuropathology standards 
  • D 6.2 SOP for transfer of samples 
  • D 6.3 Number of tissue samples from participating epilepsy surgery centers at month 36
  • D 6.4 Number of participants form EpiCARE partners at teaching course in neuropathology and epilepsy surgery in Erlangen
  • D 6.5 Report on collaborative virtual microscopy platform ( into the ERN IT


  • M 9 Existing virtual neuropathology database connected to ERN IT environment at month 18


Pr. Ingmar Blümcke, MD

Universitatsklinikum Erlangen
(existing lead of EEBB)

Erlangen, Germany

Pr. Ingmar Blümcke, MD