September 27, 2019 all-day
Relais Bellaria Hotel & Congressi, via Altura 11 bis - Bologna

Registration is free. To register you must send an email before and not later than the 15th September to maura.stella@ptsroma.it indicating name, surname, specialisation, institution and cellphone number. Registrations will be confirmed by the Secretariat until all seats have been filled.

A rare epilepsy is defined as an epilepsy with an incidence of less than 5 cases per 10,000 people. Complex epilepsy is a type of epilepsy which, due to its characteristics, requires multidisciplinary management both in terms of diagnosis and therapy.

The European Community has recognised a network of reference epilepsy centres for the diagnosis and treatment of rare and complex epilepsies (EpiCARE).

The Epilepsy Centre of the Institute of Neurological Sciences of Bologna is one of the five recognised Italian Centres.

This day, which sees the participation of the leaders of the 5 Italian EpiCARE centres, wants to emphasise, in addition to the aspects of the organisation of assistance within the network, which are the diagnostic and therapeutic tools made available for the epileptological community.

These aspects range from the management of genetic and biological investigations, of extreme importance in the diagnosis of most rare and complex epilepsies, to innovative therapeutic possibilities, both pharmacological and surgical, in particular aimed at reducing or modifying the phenomenon of drug resistance, which afflicts almost a third of all epilepsy patients and their families.