EpiCARE provides access to various online platforms to aid epilepsy diagnosis and collaborative working. The online tools require registration and log in and are restricted to ERN users only.

EEG Tools


EpiCARE has access to a web-based application of SCORE (Standardized Computer-based Organized Reporting of EEG). SCORE is a computer based system for EEG reporting and classification.

Using this tool you can add standardized annotations to the EEGs you upload and then use the generated database for research.

For more information on SCORE, use the link below and contact Sandor Beniczky for details on how to get access to the EpiCARE application of SCORE.



Download the guidance document here.



A bespoke IT platform for collaboration, education and training on neonatal seizures.

EEGLink Login

Surgical Epilepsy Tools

e-Eligibility tool

The e-Eligibility tool allows doctors to decide if a patient is eligible for epilepsy surgery or whether referral may be appropriate.

This tool may be suitable for individuals aged five years and above.

e-Eligibility Login

e-CRF database tool 

An electronic clinical research form suitable for anonymised documentation and the recording of patient information.

e-CRF database

e-Neuropsychology tool

A specialist online tool to aid pre-surgical evaluation.

Download the guidance document here.

e-Neuropsychology Login

ERN Tools

ERN Collaborative Platform

A platform that supports on-line communication, document management and sharing as well as event organisation within and across ERNs.

Download the guidance document here.


Clinical Patient Management System

A platform that enables health professionals to enroll patients, add clinical data and launch case discussions to determine diagnosis and treatment within and across ERNs.

Download the guidance document here.

Download the consent forms in 25 European languages here.

Clinical Patient Management System