Matthew’s Friends Statement on Ketogenic Dietary Therapies and Pregnancy

Further to the recent publicity around the problems associated with the use of some Anti-Epileptic Drugs (AED’s) during pregnancy, there has been a dramatic increase in interest and requests for using Ketogenic Dietary Therapy (KDT) as an alternative treatment to AED’s for those women with epilepsy who are pregnant or whom are trying to get pregnant.

There is currently insufficient medical data to either promote or discourage the use of these dietary therapies during pregnancy. The risks of metabolic ketosis to the fetus and while breast feeding are unknown. The only known publication is a small case series of 2 women which can be found at the following link:


Ketogenic Dietary Therapies have side effects, so we do NOT advocate their use without strict medical supervision, this is especially crucial during pregnancy.

Please discuss all options with your medical specialists BEFORE embarking on any new dietary regimen or making any changes to your current treatment.

This statement has been agreed and published by the Matthew’s Friends UK Medical Board and Overseas Medical Advisors comprising of:

  • Professor Helen Cross OBE – UK Associate
  • Professor Mackenzie Cervenka – USA
  • Professor Eric Kossoff – USA
  • Professor Joerg Klepper – Germany
  • Dr. Manny Bagary UK
  • Dr. Anita Devlin – UK
  • Dr. Archana Desurkar – UK
  • Dr. Elizabeth Neal – UK
  • Susan Wood RD – UK
  • Judith Munn RD – UK

To view the statement, please click here.