Workpackage 9 – Neonatal seizures


Neonatal seizures are a major diagnostic challenge for clinicians because clinical presentations can be very subtle, electro-clinical correlation variable and there is generally a poor response to antiepileptic drugs.  Interpretation of neonatal EEG is a highly specialised task and a thorough knowledge of the maturational changes that exist across all gestational ages is required. In addition, this expertise must be available on a 24/7 basis to meet the needs of the neonatal intensive care unit environment. Over the last number of years, we have developed the Babylink platform (G Boylan), a web based IT platform for streaming neonatal EEG on a 24 hour basis where it can be interrogated by novel neonatal seizure detection algorithms. This platform provides support to hospitals where EEG expertise is not readily available. Through the EpiCARE network we aim to scale this platform to a European population of neonates with seizures and we will identify a group of experts from the ERN centres who will be available to provide oversight for the platform


  • To establish a European neonatal seizures expert group
  • To provide guidelines for EEG monitoring in neonates with acute seizures and epilepsies across Europe
  • To scale up the neonatal EEG remote monitoring platform (Babylink) for use across Europe
  • To develop management guidelines and treatment protocols for neonatal seizures
  • To define and implement standardised outcomes of neonatal seizures that can be applied across EpiCARE
  • To provide a web base educational toolkit for neonatal seizures and epilepsies specifically for health professionals, families and public interest groups
  • To establish a neonatal seizure registry in Europe and promote collaborative research


  • D 9.1 SOP for European Babylink
  • D 9.3 e-guidelines on EEG monitoring high risk neonates at month 24
  • D 9.4 Guidelines on treatment of neonatal seizures at month 36
  • D 9.5 European neonatal registry at month 48


  • M 11 100 neonates on registry at the end of year 5


Dr. Ronit Pressler

Pr. Geraldine Boylan

Infant Research Centre

Cork, Ireland

Pr. Geraldine Boylan