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In search of Lost Time in children and adolescents with epilepsy

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Virtually in Rome, 17-18 December 2020

EpiCARE workshop

Two days. 9 plenary sessions. No fee.

Registration is compulsory and will close on December 14th: www.ptsroma.it/romaepicare2020

A 2 day workshop with 9 plenary sessions to better understand, treat and diagnose epilepsy & to develop a European strategy for epilepsy care.

It is often said that “time is brain”, an adage particularly true when facing the devastating impact early onset epileptic seizures may have. The content of this workshop focuses upon one of the priorities of the European Reference Network for Rare and Complex Epilepsies which is to: better understand and to better diagnose and treat epilepsies in children and teenagers. 

All sessions bring together experts in the field and patient advocates in an effort to further define comprehensive strategies for global epilepsy care within the EU and beyond.

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List of the sessions:

Session #1
National networks and their role in implementing Guidelines in everyday clinical practice for the top-5 rare
& complex epilepsies (including Dravet Syndrome, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, CLN2, Tuberous Sclerosis,
Infantile Spasms)
Chairs: Nicola Specchio – Eugen Trink

Session #2
A 3 years strategy for implementing EEG monitoring guidelines for neonates in the EU
Chairs: Carmen Fons – Ronit Pressler

Session #3
What do we learn from surgery case-reports operated on very early in the course of the epilepsy?
Chairs: Ingmar Blumke – Tiziana Granata

Session #4
Early genetic screening: when, for whom and how
Chairs: Renzo Guerrini – Gaëtan Lesca

Session #5
Targeted medical therapies and clinical trials: identifying the EU priorities for the next 5 years
Chairs: Emilio Perucca – Federico Vigevano

Session #6
What should be the role of the ERNs in 2030: first thoughts on the evolution of EpiCARE
Chairs: Alexis Arzimanoglou – Helen Cross

Session #7
Patients building bridges with the scientific world
Chairs: Isabella Brambilla (ePAG – coordinator) – Torie Robinson (ePAG) – Nicola Specchio

Session #8
Undiagnosed epilepsy patients, how to build a patient centered care pathway
Chairs: Lieven Lagae – Paolo Tinuper

Session #9
Digitalized tools at the service of epilepsy care
Chairs: Paolo Curatolo – Petr Marusic

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