EpiCARE Case discussions

Case discussions are an integral role of European Reference Networks (ERNs) and are in line with the European Commission’s directive.

EpiCARE Case Discussions are scheduled every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 4:00pm to 5:30pm CET. Both surgical and non-surgical cases are discussed by panels of experts, full or affiliated members of EpiCARE (see the agenda below).

Cases can only be presented by medical teams (already members or invited by EpiCARE). Respecting EU General Protection Data Regulations (GDPR), participation is strictly reserved to health care professionals that receive a pre-registration link.

Please find below the 2021 agenda, including the Chairs of the Sessions.

Only 2 cases per session can be discussed. Reservations can be made by contacting as early as possible the EpiCARE Data Manager: n-openshaw.lawrence@epi-care.eu

To prepare a case for presentation you need to first download and read the Guidelines and watch the webinar below.

Here is a guide to help you access CPMS.

CPMS Webinar

CPMS Training

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EpiCARE Case discussion programme

Type DateChairCo-chair
Surgical Case DiscussionJuneWednesday08/06/202216:00-17:30Luca De PalmaVictoria San Antonio Acre
Surgical Case DiscussionJuneWednesday22/06/202216:00-17:30Petr MarusicPhilippe Ryvlin
Surgical Case DiscussionJulyWednesday13/07/202216:00-17:30Helen CrossSylvain Rheims
Surgical Case DiscussionJulyWednesday27/07/202216:00-17:30Victoria San Antonio AcreLino Nobili
Surgical Case DiscussionSeptemberWednesday14/09/202216:00-17:30Philippe RyvlinLuca De Palma
Surgical Case DiscussionSeptemberWednesday28/09/202216:00-17:30Stefano FrancioneLino Nobili
Surgical Case DiscussionOctoberWednesday12/10/202216:00-17:30Helen CrossLuca De Palma
Surgical Case DiscussionOctoberWednesday26/10/202216:00-17:30Philippe KahaneStefano Francione
Surgical Case DiscussionNovemberWednesday09/11/202216:00-17:30Sylvain RheimsLino Nobili
Surgical Case DiscussionNovemberWednesday23/11/202216:00-17:30Petr MarusicLuca De Palma
Surgical Case DiscussionDecemberWednesday14/12/202216:00-17:30Helen CrossPhilippe Ryvlin

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