In 2022 – 2023, the EpiCARE Neuroimaging work group, led by Prof. Marusic from Motol University Hospital (Prague, Czech Republic) and by Dr. Sophie Adler, from UCL (London, UK), organised 3 neuroimaging workshops. You will find below more details on each workshop, as well as a link to replay the full workshop.

Multi-centre Epilepsy Lesion Detection (MELD) Project workshop
  • This workshop, led by Dr Konrad Wagstyl, Dr Sophie Adler and Ms Mathilde Ripart,  was structured as follows:
  1. Talk providing background about the MELD developed machine-learning algorithm to detect FCDs
  2. Tutorial covering how to install the software and explanation of how to harmonise data and run a patient’s T1 +/- FLAIR through the algorithm

The MELD Project also has YouTube videos covering

PET workshop

This workshop started with a talk by Prof Matthias Koepp

“Using PET to understand mechanisms of seizure development and suppression and to characterise and predict seizure outcome, cognition and comorbidities in epilepsy” 

This was followed by a practical tutorial by Dr Petr Jezdik on PET /MRI image co-registration to identify hypometabolism related to epileptogenic tissue and an advanced tutorial by Dr Radek Janca on partial volume correction

EpiCARE Neuroimaging workshop on PET – part 1 (Prof Koepp and Dr Jezdik)

 EpiCARE Neuroimaging workshop on PET – part 2  (Dr Janca)

MAP workshop
  • This workshop started with a talk by Prof. Horst Urbach

“Within a minute” detection of focal cortical dysplasias.

  • This was followed by a talk by Prof. Giorgi Kuchukhidze

“The role of post-processing (MAP18) in identification of epileptogenic lesions”

Youtube link to access the EpiCARE Neuroimaging workshop on MAP