Workpackage 8 – Surgery: E-pilepsy


The E-pilepsy pilot network of cooperation in epilepsy surgery has been operating since January 2014 and has provided a large number of deliverables and sustained activities that need to be consolidated and further developed in EpiCARE. The network initially included 28 epilepsy surgery centres but has recently grown to 52 centres. While only some of them will be labelled as a full member of EpiCARE as they specialize in comprehensive epilepsy care, it is essential that the E-pilepsy network continues to expand and ensures optimal dissemination of information, guidelines, state-of-the-art methodologies and web-based tools which help increase the effectiveness and safety of pre-surgical evaluation and epilepsy surgery. To meet this objective, we need to build a sustained organization ensuring effective communication with all EU epilepsy surgery centers with maintenance and upgrade of all current E-pilepsy deliverables to include, the monthly E-care visioconferences during which difficult surgical cases are discussed and need to be adapted to the increasing number of participating centers, which will require to at least duplicate the number of these monthly visioconferences, the E-processing IT platform which provides a number of software solutions, shall incorporate video EEG viewers and normative MRI database reflecting the different video EEG recording systems and MRI scanners used by the members of the network, the epilepsy surgery E-database (now transferred to REDCap format) to be filled systematically for all patients entering pre-surgical evaluation within the network, which will require sustained promotion of this activity, epilepsy surgery related information, self-assessment tool (E-ligibility) and guidelines further developed and disseminated on the web-site.


  • Consolidate and continue the E-pilepsy pilot network of cooperation in epilepsy surgery
  • Expand the number and participants to the E-Care visioconferences on epilepsy surgery,
  • Further develop the IT platform devoted to pre-surgical post-processing and visioconferences, and make available for use by other workpackages in EpiCARE
  • Promote the dissemination and use of the E-Database devoted to epilepsy surgery
  • Upgrade information on epilepsy surgery and E-eligibility tools on the web-site
  • Expand and upgrade e month 12pilepsy surgery guidelines



  • M 2 MDT meetings achieved with discussion of minimum 20 cases
  • M 10 Upgraded IT platform at the end of year 2


Pr. Sylvain Rheims, MD, Phd

Epilepsy Departments, University Hospitals of Lyon (HCL)

Lyon, France

Pr. Sylvain Rheims, MD, Phd

Pr. Philippe Ryvlin

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois

Lausanne, Switzerland

Pr. Philippe Ryvlin