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EpiCARE Mobility Exchange Programme

What is the EpiCARE Mobility Exchange Programme ?

The aim of the EpiCARE Mobility Exchange Programme 2021-2022 is knowledge sharing and stimulating collaboration between health care professionals in European Reference Networks (ERN).

It is funded by the European Commission, and supported by Ecorys Ltd for the design and logistic part.

The EpiCARE Mobility Exchange Programme is perfectly in line with EpiCARE’s Education and Training goals. 

Mobility Exchange Programme

Who is concerned ?

EpiCARE chose to send nurses, EEG technicians and neurospychologists. The opportunity is available to all of our members, either to send or to welcome someone (or both!).

Following a preliminary survey, we are planning 29 exchanges between EpiCARE centres, in 17 different countries. The exchanges between professionals with different backgrounds will surely prove unvaluable and participate to the developpement of the network.

To match centres willing to host, and professionnals willing to travel, we asked everyone for their interest (invasive recording, Epilepsy surgery, Neonatal neurological intensive care…) and if they work in centres specialized in Children care, Adult care or both.