About the e-pilepsy project

e-pilepsy is a pan-European project with the primary aim of improving awareness and accessibility of surgery for epilepsy across different countries.

Epilepsy surgery is an established treatment in the management of individuals with drug-resistant focal epilepsy. However there is still a lack of awareness of the likely candidates and possible benefits of epilepsy surgery amongst doctors and patients.

e-pilepsy has established a consortium of 13 centres as associate partners, with a further 15 collaborating centres to drive this project. The primary expected outcome of the project is to increase the number and proportion of European children and adults cured of their refractory epilepsy by improving delivery of optimal epilepsy surgery throughout Europe.

Aspects of e-pilepsy include:

  • improving accessibility of information
  • facilitation of referral for assessment
  • improving analysis of investigations as well as the training across different sites of individuals to be involved in assessment for epilepsy surgery.