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EpiCARE's work and actions

What is the network currently doing for patients and physicians?

EpiCARE members are working together to create significant added value to patient care, research, education and training, in close collaboration with patient organizations and Scientific Societies.

Several actions are  currently developed by the network:

EpiCARE works with a referral system for patients and shares medical results in a dedicated secure platform, which is developed by the EC in order to ensure the same level of access to healthcare across Europe. Experts in different fields of epileptology and members of EpiCARE meet regularly online for non-surgical and surgical cases discussions in order to find the best diagnostic and treatment (see pathway below).

The members share, compile and assess best practices. Then, they disseminate them in the form of publications, clinical guidelines, and protocols.  You will be able to find these on our website soon.

The network is fostering education in the field of rare and complex epilepsies by organizing workshops, webinars (for physicians, families and patients), and by publishing relevant documentation and practical tools. The medical teams members of EpiCARE regularly organize training sessions, either on site or at face to face interactive meetings, for both adult and child neurologists involved in epilepsy care.

The Research Council is very active and allows the network to be involved in several research projects. The goal is to develop highly specialized procedures for diagnosis, innovative treatments and dissemination of knowledge.

As a network, EpiCARE works every day in order to foster cooperation in the field between different actors: Universities; Hospitals; Patient associations representing patient families; EU and international Scientific Societies students; EU across-ERNs working groups; EU member states.