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COVID-19 vaccines and people with epilepsy

COVID19 vaccine and epilepsy

Covid-19 vaccines and epilepsy

Vaccines against COVID-19 are currently being approved and becoming available.

What are the recommandations regarding Covid-19 vaccines and epilepsy?
There is currently no evidence to suggest that having epilepsy is specifically associated with a higher risk of side effects from a COVID-19 vaccine. Furthermore, for people with epilepsy, the risk of COVID-19 infection and potential complications far outweighs the risk of side effects from a COVID-19 vaccine. As with other vaccines however, a fever can develop after a COVID-19 vaccination. This could lower the seizure threshold in some people. Minimize the risk by taking Antipyretics (e.g. paracetamol/acetaminophen) regularly for 48 hours after the vaccination (or for the duration of fever).

Reminder: if you already received the COVID-19 vaccine, it is important to continue wearing a mask and respect social distance. The current vaccines reduce your risk of getting sick from COVID-19 by up to 90%, depending on the vaccine. However, vaccinated people may still be able to spread COVID-19 to others without knowing they are carrying it.

Learn more about covid-19 vaccines for people with epilepsy.

Our recommandations regarding Covid-19 and epilepsy

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