EpiCARE Congress, Workshop and Training

Improve your skills and knowledge in epileptology

The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) introduces highly interactive, practice-oriented online courses for healthcare profesionnals worldwide who diagnose and treat epilepsy.

ILAE promotes a virtual campus where healthcare professionals obtain and increase essential and clinically relevant knowledge, skills, and competencies in the field of epilepsy. Registered users can work on their competencies in epilepsy from a varied course portfolio according to different levels of proficiency. Define the learning path, track progress and earn certificates. All in one place!

Learn more about the ILAE Academy  & click here for more information on the virtual campus.

E-learning modules


To improve diagnosis and treatment of rare and complex epilepsies, EpiCARE developped with the help of the ILAE patient centered interactive e-learning case studies. Presenting scenarios where the clinicians has to diagnose the patient, these cases correspond to diagnosis and management of some rare and complex epilepsies (Level 2 competencies according to the ILAE curriculum).

You can try these cases here. 

These cases were developped thanks to the CEF Telecom programme, and were co-funded by the European Agency INEA. Find more information on the CEF Telecom program here.