To enable and facilitate this cooperation, the European Commission together with the ERNs set up the eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure for the European Reference Networks (ERNs). With support of funds from Connecting Europe Facility Work Programme 2015, DG SANTE developed two IT systems necessary for ERN proper cooperation. Those systems are the: ERN Collaborative Platform and Clinical Patient Management System.

In 2018 EpiCARE applied for funding to the CEF Telecom program in order to finance:

  1. Support to the users of the CPMS (our colleague Nicola Openshaw-Lawrence is helping EpiCARE members to use the CPMS to share cases)
  2. Develop e-learning cases studies, interactive, with the help of the ILAE that will be shared on this website

This activity aims to develop and disseminate patient-centred interactive e-leaming modules. These e-modules will integrate in the currently on-going project of ILAE web-based learning environment, corresponding to different levels of professional expertise in epileptology. The e-leaming modules are an online multiple-choice based examination of the healthcare specialist, testing his/her knowledge in front of different case studies.

Co-financed by INEA Agency, the ILAE Academy provides a virtual campus where healthcare professionals obtain and increase essential and clinically relevant knowledge, skills, and competencies in the field of epilepsy. The project has started on July 1, 2019 and will end on June 30, 2021.



Registered users can work on their competencies in epilepsy from a varied course portfolio according to different levels of proficiency. Define the learning path, track progress and earn certificates. By the end of 2021 10 cases studies will be available!