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Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) is live from 12pm CET 20th November 2017 – UPDATED 19/01/2018

The Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) is one of the three digital tools commissioned by the European Commission besides the ERN Collaborative Platform and the ERN Public Website.

The Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) aims at supporting the work of the European reference networks in improving the diagnosis and treatment of rare or low prevalence complex diseases across national borders of Member States in Europe.

The CPMS is a secure web based application that enables health professionals to enrol patients using comprehensive but pseudonymised patient data. Health professionals can use the CPMS to collaborate actively, upload and share clinical data, including medical imagery, after having confirmed and recorded the patients’ consent within and across ERNs.

CPMS facilitates the interaction between clinicians. Virtual case discussions will enable cross-country consultation on rare diseases with the hope of arriving at clinical conclusions on diagnosis and treatment collaboratively by sharing clinical expertise.

After months long development process the Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) goes live on 12pm CET 20th November 2017. The CPMS pilot phase will close at the end of February 2018. During the next three months reference networks are invited to enrol at least five patients and use the website for collaborative diagnostic and therapeutic work.

The CMPS website can be found here  and is only accessible by clinicians of the approved healthcare providers within the EpiCARE European Reference Network. The following video explains how CPMS works:

Release of the latest version of the ERN Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) application – Version 2

DG SANTE released Version 2 of the Clinical Patient Management System on the 18th January 2018. The new release contains hot-fixes, compatibility with mobile devices, enhanced video-conferencing testing, a HPO code picker and other improvements, see summary detail of this release, much of which is based on your feedback, below this email.

List of the enhancement in CPMS Version 2

  • From the Panel Timeline and in the Meeting Page in the ERN Application: a feature has been developed for users to test the video settings as Test Call for trial purposes.
  • Without a login test the video at
  • Access recorded meetings from the Panel Timeline
  • ERN Databases Application should show data per each individual ERN
  • Re-designed the interface primarily driven by how it would look on Tablet/small screens, which included making the header the primary dark blue
  • Changed the style of the side menu so that it looks more like tabs, is more icon driven and takes up less horizontal space
  • Changed the context banner so that it doesn’t sit visibly ‘apart’ (has no visible margin) from the rest of the interface
  • Changed the layout of the Tabs on the Meetings and Webinar pages
  • Added CSS so that the interface responded to different screen sizes – changing the size of the content displayed and the layout so as to create a better user experience at those smaller sizes
  • Changed to css on the Panel Progress tracker so as to make it resize and re-position on smaller screen sizes
  • Worked on the layout of the Panel form and Timeline so that they better resize and at smaller screen sizes
  • Revert to using Tabs to navigate one or the other, as it would be impractical to display both at the same time
  • Tested the CPMS system at a range of different browser sizes to see that the system was usable at those sizes
  • Tested the CPMS system on a number of different devices to see that the system was usable on those devices
  • Improve the signalling of primary and expected actions through the use of button colour, size and use of iconography
  • Cleaned up the styles, consistency for buttons, standardization of close, cancel, submission, save buttons over the application where ‘action’ buttons are primary or secondary, or ‘destructive’ – cancel or close.
  • Browse HPO classification in a hierarchical structure, so that I can pick the phenotype abnormality more precisely across different levels
  • Update Osimis Viewer plug-ins in CPMS in line with the latest release of Osimis viewer
  • On menu of form sections, Panel Outcome should be at the bottom
  • Re-code the ERN names in the CPMS application database
  • Pop up message for closing a panel
  • All free-text fields in the form below the consultation request section should be expand-to fit
  • Update consent forms: Add Latvian and Norwegian and update the Dutch
  • Exclude picking same thematic area in the 1ry and 2ry fields in the consultation request section

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