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The 7th Research Meeting of the European Paediatric Neurology Society


The 7th research meeting of the European Paediatric Neurology Society will be held on the 29-30th of May 2020 in Stockholm.

The Epilepsy sessions will be chaired by Floor JANSEN (UMCU, Utrecht) and Lieven LAGAE (UZ Leuven), both members of EpiCARE.

The EPNS epilepsy working group is a very active formation of epilepsy researchers throughout Europe (with many collaborations overseas) that have collaborated in many successful projects and studies over the last years. Torbjorn Tomson is to give a keynote presentation titled “Contribution of pregnancy registries to improved pregnancy outcomes in women with epilepsy” during the meeting. Thereafter, the organisers would like to give the floor to young researchers in the field. Members of ICNA, EPNS and EPICARE ERN have been invited to prepare few slides on ongoing projects in their department or collaboration with other paediatric epilepsy centres.  Young researchers are invited to submit their abstracts before February 16.

If you do not plan to present your work, we would like to encourage you to attend our working group to participate in lively discussions of new studies and ongoing projects.   We look forward to receiving your contributions and to meeting you in Stockholm.

Applications for bursaries are now open.


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