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Launch of the The ILAE Academy Level 2 program

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Explore the Level 2 course offerings with various new interactive tools and formats focusing on case-based and blended learning

  • Adaptive learning courses will adjust to the learner’s level of proficiency to overcome knowledge gaps
  • E-semiology modules with seizure videos and exercises challenge learners to recognize and correctly classify the seizure
  • Patient cases guide advanced decision making about common and rare types of epilepsy by visualizing learning with videos (seizures and EEGs) and the new integrated EEG and MRI readers
  • MRI reading platform to support the learner’s proficiency in MRI diagnosis
  • Virtual, tutored webtorial series on pre-defined topics for small groups in different languages and time zones

Who is the target group for this Level 2 program?

Level 2 addresses competencies for the proficiency level of epileptology for healthcare professionals (Level 2 of the ILAE Curriculum). Participants must have successfully accomplished Level 1 or must show equivalent evidence of knowledge (i.e., passed the online Self-Assessment exam available on the ILAE Academy).

Please note: Level 2 is available for purchase by those registered ILAE Academy users, who have either received the Level 1 certificate or successfully passed the Self-Assessment. Eligible registrants need to check the top navigation of the ILAE Academy for the new Level 2 tab where they will find the link to subscribe to Level 2. For general information click here.

What is included in the Level 2 portfolio?

The common body of knowledge in epileptology will be taught through a comprehensive portfolio of case-oriented e-learning modules covering major epilepsy conditions, syndromes, but also rare epileptic disorders. The e-learning program will be blended with tutor-guided, web-based teaching courses, advanced face-to-face workshops and summer schools (see ILAE website for further announcements), or special teaching courses offered at international congresses.


For more information, visit the ILAE Academy website.

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